Journey with the Oracle Sanctuary

Welcome Beautiful Soul Spirit!

Journey into mystical portals for soul inspired messages & clarity.

Journey with the Oracle Sanctuary is a Sacred ~ Self-Paced, Online/On Demand Space where you go to Journey with your Inner Self using Original Oracle Art & the Energy of the New Moon Cycle as divination tools to support your personal journey at every level.

As a cherished member, each New Moon in the online Sanctuary, you'll journey with one of my Original, Intuitively chosen Oracle Paintings. Enhancing your connection to the New Moon Themes, Energies & Elements, Powerful journal prompts to deepen your intuitive connection & Weekly inspiration & insight supporting you on your spiritual journey, while Super Charging your New Moon Manifestations & Intentions.

All available to you On Demand with 24/7 access online to journey when it's convenient for you

Manifest with the Magic of the Moon ~ Each New Moon in the online Sanctuary you'll receive an intuitively chosen Oracle painting along with the Themes, Energies, & Element for the current New Moon Cycle to journey and meditate with just like you would with an Oracle card. Gazing into the Oracle painting with with a question (or using one of the provided journal prompts) in mind. Helping to quiet the mind, calm the chaos connecting into & receiving messages from your intuition, spirit guides, the Divine or Universe. Supporting your Transformational & Healing journey's.  

Journey into the Oracle Painting Portals

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🌟 As a Sacred Member you'll find: 

The Oracle Sanctuary is a Sacred Space to Journey with your Soul using Oracle & the Energies of the New Moon Cycle as a divination tools to support your personal spiritual growth & journey at every level. 

  •  24/7 On Demand Online Access to Journey with the Oracle Sanctuary ~ Journey at Your Convenience
  • Moon Manifesting with Oracle Art: Intention Setting ~ Amplifying your New 🌑 Moon Intentions & Dreams every time you journey with the Oracle Art
  • Oracle Art: 1 Intuitively chosen Original Oracle Art to Journey with each New Moon Cycle. Taking your journey deeper and deeper every journey.
  • Journaling Prompts: Focus 🌀 your Journey with a question taking your Journeying Deeper
  • Journeying Tips & Suggestions: New to Journeying or want to try something New?
  • Meditation Video: Includes the Oracle Art for the current New Moon Cycle. Guided Centering and music  
  • Living with Oracle Art: Bring High Vibrational/Healing Energy 💫 of the Oracle art into you home 🏡
  • Weekly Inspiration, Practices & Rituals supporting you on your Journey
  • Musing: Our Exclusive Community space for sharing inspirations, insights, love notes, support, questions & more

At the Plus Level you'll Also receive an Art print card of the Oracle Painting mailed to you each New Moon Cycle. 

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Meet KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃

Creatrix of the Potent Passion filled Oracle Paintings & Journey with the Oracle Sanctuary 

When I connect into Mama Earth, Luna & the Universe the paintings are downloaded to me thru visions. Marinating over time and eventually emerging into paintings. As I paint each painting they help me to break the bonds of my own limiting beliefs. Releasing the fear of being seen, of being heard, of not being perfect. Helping me to let go of procrastination, excuses, resistance and complacency. Encouraging me to Love~Honor & Accept Myself unconditionally, as well as to stand in my own Divine Feminine and Authenticity. Helping me to find the courage to share this wisdom and medicine with my sisters & the collective through the paintings. Encouraging All of us to be the Embodied Goddesses we came here to be. 

Peace & Love,
KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃